Real Truths vs. False Beliefs

Three Steps on the Journey to Revealing Your Inner Truth


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And to get you started on this path, I’ve recorded three lessons that you can use to dive into your inner being to find how to begin to change so that you can start manifesting what your inner being longs for. The offering will be in three pieces, set up so that you can take your time with it, feel how you feel, do some journaling, or meditate. 
Let’s get started now.

Step One: Uncovering What You Long For

  • The Vicious Circle
  • Draw and Identify Where You Are on the Vicious Circle
  • Using the Vicious Circle as a Tool Toward Healing


Step Two: Belief or Truth?

  • What Do You Believe?
  • Where Did It Come From?
  • Is It True?


Step Three: Healing the Hidden Wound

  • Attention to the Ego Level
  • Deep Inner Child Healing
  • The Benign Circle


You’ve seen how the vicious circle works and how you want to shift into a benign circle of love. This is the way to bring about a new manifestation bring to you what your heart desires. Let’s continue to work together to find those inner false beliefs that are holding you back from joy and happiness. Let’s work together into a world of bliss.

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