What is The Pathwork?

An International Foundation

Pathwork is an international spiritual path that is based on 258 lectures that were channeled by a woman named Eva Pierrokas. Through these teachings you will find a new way to look at the events in your life as lessons that are needed to be learned. No longer will you at the mercy of a cruel fate. Instead you learn to see your life as a school where you are continuing to develop at two levels: the human level and the soul level. And mysteriously you find that often the two are very different. When you learn to tune into the soul level work, you discover the how and why for each stage of your life.


A Therapy

Pathwork is therapy in assisting you in navigating through your life on a daily basis. You learn why certain people trigger your feelings, you learn to pay attention to the patterns that arise and why they are there, and you grow into a stronger adult.


A Spiritual Path

Pathwork is a spiritual path. As you continue to navigate through the “growth opportunities” that are provided by life, you will learn to view yourself as a spiritual being, seeing yourself as having the same kinds of issues as many others around you.


A Community

Pathwork is a community of likeminded people who study the lectures and are working on their life issues, you will find community. It’s a support system for you to tap into in times of stress, in times of need, in times of joy and blessings. There will be others there for you when you are in need. In this spiritual community you will find others who stay as issues are worked through. What a gift that is!


A Roadmap

Pathwork is a roadmap that can guide you into a healthier way of living. It can show you how to relax into who you are as you bring your unconscious self to the light for healing. You can learn active stillness and still movement.