The Art of Healing

Lost in Grief? Despair?  Self-Doubt?

Online every other Tuesday evening

April 11, 2023 – June 20, 2023

Join in this Pathwork online group

7:00PM-9:30PM EDT

led by Pathwork Helpers:

Julia Jensen and Miriam Smith


As we look into how our lives are being lived right now, we may be struck with the issues that we face: fear and anxiety is rampant, anger and blame seems to be everywhere, and an uncaring society is emerging in many places. Pathwork teaches us to look beneath the surface in ourselves to find where we are not able to see the entire picture, where we are wanting others to change so we can feel seen, safe, and wanted. The Pathwork gives us tools to use and groups of others seeking change to practice in risking taking a deep dive within. We may have decided to conquer our self-destructive wounds all by ourselves, but the truth is, it is unlikely that we will succeed that way. To find our Truth, we must be witnessed by others on the spiritual path.  We must see our self-sabotage, which is a by-product of growing up human.  We will explore our self-damaging beliefs and our trust in each other in a safe container Join us as we use Pathwork lectures, individual personal process, meditation, ritual, movement to enable us to find our way home.)

Cost: $200 if paid by April 4; $240 after April 4

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*A Pathwork transformation program prerequisite

GPS: Growing Through Pathwork Studies

A bimonthly, free, on-line lecture study event

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I found Pathwork while on a spiritual quest that began in 1989. I am a Pathwork Helper, a teacher in the Pathwork Transformation Program, and the Transformation Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork. I  work with individuals and groups who are seeking a spiritual approach to life.


Julia can do individual sessions in person, over the phone, or via internet.



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