Mid-Atlantic Pathwork

2024 and Beyond!

A Pathwork Gathering. June 8, 2024 – June 9, 2024.

Open to all at The Oaks (formerly Sevenoaks Retreat) to return and share in the rebirth of MAP. Let us join in the launching of our Mid-Atlantic Pathwork as it re-emerges into new life. 2024 has been a momentous year here in the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork. We have emerged with renewed passion for the Pathwork, which invites us into our joy of being, our feelings of community, and our connection to spiritual awareness. Join us as we launch 2024 with ritual, breathwork, dancing, and nature. The MAP Board of Trustees and Council will update us after Saturday lunch.

Together we renew our community by gathering to celebrate the Pathwork.

Location: 403 Pathwork Way

                 Madison, VA 22727

Cost: Early Bird $300 by May 1

          Regular Price $350,

          Late Price after June 1 $375

(Full member price reduced by $40)

For financial assistance contact Julia Jensen (canscream@yahoo.com)

To registerhttps://www.midatlanticpathwork.org/events/2024/6/8/mid-atlantic-pathwork-2024-and-beyond



Leaping Into Relationship


Led by Pathwork Helpers Julia Jensen and Miriam Smith

Alternate Tuesday Evenings for 6 Sessions

 July 16, 2024 – September 24, 2024

7:00 PM EST – 9:30 PM EST

Life is a spiritual experience. The most intense experience arises in relationship. Trusting another person provokes you to access your greatness and your weakness, your joy and your misery. Relationship presents one of the most rewarding and most challenging avenues toward change. The Pathwork facilitates profound exploration into the depth of your being, which is then reflected in your experience of Life.

We welcome you to join us as we take steps to walk in love and light. Through lecture study, experiential exercises, movement, deep sharing, we build trust in ourselves and others in this group.

Cost: early bird $180 by July 8, 2024, $210 after July 8, 2024

Purchase Group here


Julia Jensen is a Pathwork Helper, an Energy Worker, and a Mathematician and lives in the Richmond, Virginia area. While on a spiritual journey in 1989, she found Pathwork which assisted in deepening her connecting to the energy of the Earth. Her passion for the work began from her first exposure and continues with each day. She works with individuals and groups in person and on online. She believes we all have a soul level issue to be healed and a soul level task as part of our meaning on Earth. Each of us must find our Path.



Miriam Smith is a Mid-Atlantic Pathwork Helper/teacher and, currently, president of the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork Board of Trustees. She is a certified MCKS Pranic Healer and teacher and combines these studies into both individual and group sessions, whether in person or online. Miriam encourages and invites others to join the quest to bring what is hidden to consciousness.  As a C/OGA Educational Therapist, Miriam has spent countless hours learning from students with learning differences. She believes that every being is the entirety as well as part of the whole, and our ultimate journey is to come into alignment with this unity. Miriam supports others on their personal journey of distilling illusion from Truth.




GPS: Growing Through Pathwork Studies

A bimonthly, free, on-line lecture study event

Continue to deepen your understanding of the Pathwork lectures through this newest offering from our Helper Community



I found Pathwork while on a spiritual quest that began in 1989. I am a Pathwork Helper, a teacher in the Pathwork Transformation Program, and the Transformation Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork. I  work with individuals and groups who are seeking a spiritual approach to life.


Julia can do individual sessions in person, over the phone, or via internet.



Pay for sessions here



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