What do we do when we find ourselves

in one of our destructive patterns?


We’ve spent time identifying and understanding where they come from.

But that doesn’t make them go away. We can think about it, analyze it, pray about it.

And still we find ourselves back in that same destructive pattern.


And the destructive pattern doesn’t work!!


It doesn’t get us what we want.


Other people can feel the energy of it.


They react to that energy even if we believe that we hidden it.


Since our defense systems were designed to keep us safe, the other person should understand, right?


But NO!! Instead they go into their own reactive defense systems and either withdraw or attack!!


What! Wait!


That’s not what I wanted.


Now I must protect my innermost self even more when what I wanted was love and connection.

Maybe if I explain to them what they are doing, then they’ll stop and love me.

Maybe if I sob and cry and beg, they’ll come closer to me.

Maybe if I yell at them, they’ll want to stay.

Sound familiar?

These teachings come from the Pathwork and can help us really see what we are doing including deeply in the unconscious.

And seeing it is the most difficult step in healing and change.

Next time we’ll continue to walk through the steps to healing.