I’d like to take a few moments to enjoy whining and complaining.

Has it been your experience that most things take much longer to get done,

and we have to check behind each step along the way?

What’s with that?

If we order food delivered, there will most likely be something wrong with the order.

If we order something on line, it takes 3 times longer to arrive

and may be missing pieces or just plain be something other than what was ordered.

Again, what’s with that?

If I’m centered and rested and not frustrated trying to keep up with all the million dangling pieces, I can just smile and shrug it off realizing that companies had to lay off other workers and the rehire didn’t mean the same people were put back where they were. Plus, the quantity of things ordered must be completely overwhelming.

But really!!

I’m not centered right now and I’m not rested and I’m frustrated!

I’ve waited for new windows to be installed in my house for 6 months,

and then they finally arrive but would it be a reasonable install?


The windows arrived too small!

So now I have plywood in the three holes where I used to have windows.

And how long will it take this time?


Life is challenging right now.

And that is only one incident.

Can the people not read?

Or measure? Or don’t they know how to program the machine that makes the windows for them?

The order was typed so it wasn’t handwriting.

And it’s a four inch difference in width!!

What were the installers supposed to do? Just cover the holes so they won’t show?

Then I would wonder why the new windows didn’t save on the electric bill and seemed smaller.


Having a rant about it makes me feel better. Meanwhile, the truck to pump out the septic tank didn’t show up and the mosquito squad has rescheduled 3 times because of all the rain.

Too bad we can’t take some of the excess water and send it out west where the fires are burning out of control. When I think about the heartbreak that those people are experiencing and the heat and burning, the bad air for folks to breath, the hours of backbreaking work, my window problem doesn’t seem so bad. 

I remember being in Arizona once where the fires were burning just north of town. I was on the south side several miles away but the smell of burning was always present. And did I mention that firefighters were camping out in tents on the football field at the high school?

Come on people. Let’s put a little more into the quality of our work like those fighting those fires are doing with every passing day.

How’s your week going?