Coming together makes all the difference

In group sessions we learn to share the parts of ourselves that we usually keep hidden finding out that others feel the same way and love to learn and share, to experience the material together. And you will be stepping into a spiritual community that supports this work but at the local level and continuing worldwide.


We will study the Pathwork lectures and deepen our understanding on them using experiential exercises, prayer, meditation, movement, ritual. I will include the opportunity for participants to do “process work” which means working on their individual issues while being held in a safe container. In this way we can act out scenes from our lives, work with the energy, feel our feelings in a safe environment.


Beautiful fractal flower in blue and purple. Computer generated graphics.



In weekend workshops we will dive even more deeply into the feeling of being supported and nurtured by others. We will gradually learn that we can trust, we can risk being more real about who we are and how we feel, we can heal. Check my calendar for a list of events coming up in the future.


In these workshops we meet for one, two, or three days to study, experience, feel. In other words, we learn to talk, trust, and feel with others. When we allow ourselves to drop to this level, we allow spirit to enter the work along with us to facilitate healing for ourselves and others.


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