One on One Sessions. For your body and your spirit.

In individual Pathwork hourly sessions we will focus on your individual issues, working with the body and the psyche and including your spirituality (or assisting you in opening to the form of spirituality that is your particular way of connecting).


We will delve into the source of your repeated negative patterns learning and considering change. We will create a safe and honest environment where you have the option to release negative beliefs about how the world works (like “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t matter”, “The world isn’t safe”). What is your version of this?

We begin with connecting and sharing. I would recommend weekly sessions or sessions every two weeks to keep the work ongoing. I will be giving you homework—asking you to focus on a particular behavior that you have discovered during our sessions. How often does this behavior appear, what was the feeling right before the behavior?

Beautiful fractal flower in blue and purple. Computer generated graphics.


As we become more comfortable with each other we will move into a more indepth section of the work where you will begin movement to increase the flow of energy in your body. I will assist you in core energetics which begins with deep breathing and then moves into core energetics (developed as a branch of bioenergetics developed as a way to access the cells of the body).

We will spend time with your spirituality developing a connection to the divine beings or angels who can offer guidance, healing, insight, support to you in your work. Contact me to see if the path is right for you.


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