Healing Using Energy. Healing Using Breath.

Energy Sessions


In an energy session you will be working with the energy of your body, an on the table experience. I will call in energy from spiritual teachers to balance your energy and open you to healing through this modality. You may see colors, feel emotions, connect with the past in a new way, or simply feel yourself energized and present. As you continue to work this way, you will allow healing through the flow of energy.

Exploring Breathwork


In breathwork you lie on a mattress and relax. You breathe in a particular way while listening to music that has been selected to stimulate the energy centers of the body. Through the use of increased oxygen you will find yourself in an altered state where a deeper connection to the spiritual realm is possible as well as a dive into the depths of your issues. In this way healing can occur. It only takes a positive intention for lasting changes to take place.

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