How Much Bliss Can You Tolerate?

Hello and welcome to the beginning of the amazing journey that is your life! I’m Julia and I’m so glad you’re here and that you are exploring the first step toward a transformation. It can inform and heal on every level of your being. This path brings peace, joy, happiness and a deepening spiritual connection through answering your deepest questions that originate first in your life or perhaps have been with you ever since birth and then live on in your body whether you are conscious of them or not.


Most often we feel the effects of these unanswered questions long before we connect them to the source, let alone the overwhelming power they have to affect our energy and our very being.


  And, next, my question for you is: How much bliss can you tolerate?


Consider that deeply! Imagine reaching a place where you have a knowing such a deep level of the joy and possibility of your life that bliss becomes an actual measurable constant that fills your day to day experience. Does that feel possible for you now?

The Pathwork is not new, and yet we are an active and connected community that is able to reach more people around the globe since it’s beginning in the 1960s.

And I’m inviting you to become a part of this worldwide spiritual path of transformation that takes you first and foremost on a quest to heal the places inside that are interfering with your goals, hopes, dreams—whether that is through pain you experience in your personal relationships, your work and career, or the deep seeded dream you know is waiting to be birthed inside you.

My work, as your guide, is to supply you with the tools, witnessing, and support to traverse the darkness bringing it into light. This work will enable and facilitate a connection with the spirituality that is just right for you and your unique path. Together we find what will bring peace through answering the questions of why certain events have occurred in your life and, more importantly, how to change your experience of those events in the future. This is the process of transformation.


Find out more about how to get started with me today. Each step is designed to help you find clarity and, most of all, to allow your body to speak about what in you needs healing the most. Let’s begin…