Stepping Into Forgiveness


Toward Oneness


An On-Line Interactive Series


 Bimonthly, Mondays

January 8 – March 19

7:00PM – 9:00PM EST

Led by Julia Jensen, Pathwork Helper

and Miriam Smith, Helper Trainee


Do you carry guilt? Imperfection? Do you desire forgiveness?

We each carry the burden of how we have hurt another through imperfection or intent. Must we forever continue to pay the price or can we evolve into joy?
The Pathwork gives us a way to move through the self-blame and the remorse so that we may be forgiven for our part in the creation of negativity. There is hope for inner peace.
Join us as we take steps to walk in love and light lecture study, experiential exercises, movement, prayer, and deep sharing that occurs as we build trust in others.

Cost: $20 each evening

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After the first week, this is a committed group.

To register call Julia at 804-781-0660 or email



Surrender To God Within

A Pathwork Group for Experienced Pathworkers

Saturday, January 24, 2018

10AM – 5PM

Mechanicsville, VA

Prerequisite: at least 3 years experience

in the Pathwork Transformation Program



Eventually a person is ready for an entirely new way of working, is ready to cross the threshold into the work of the soul. It requires a shift in perspective into the spiritual domain. In making this shift, that person must approach the concept of surrendering to that spiritual self.

We must align our cells with a shift into harmony with the Divine. This shift supports and encourages us to move into unity with all. 

And the result is a live filled with love.

Join Julia in this exciting adventure within. We may use Pathwork lectures, meditation and prayer, movement and ritual. Bring a journal and lunch and wear comfortable clothes that allow movement.

Cost: $75

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To register call Julia at 804-781-0660 or email


The second in the series: February 3-4, 2018

Mechanicsville, VA

10AM – 5PM each day

Led by Julia Jensen, Pathwork Helper and Don Harvey, Associate Helper and Shaman Practitioner

Both the Pathwork and Shamanism are spiritual journeys that encourage one to dive into the deepest place within. It’s is a place where we may find our untruths, a place where we may feel the shadow part of us hiding out until it can cause hurt, a place where we may find spiritual support for ourselves and others. As we join the two paths, we may find new and renewed ways to connect our own spiritual path. We may use ritual, Pathwork lectures, individual process, meditation, and movement to enhance the experience.

Please bring lunch and a dish to share for dinner, a journal, and wear comfortable clothes that will allow movement.


Cost: $175

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To register call Julia at 804-781-0660 or email