Revealing Our True Selves

Pathwork Lecture Study and Process Group

Norfolk, Virginia

Led by Julia Jensen, Pathwork Helper and

Kim Tatro and Tilghman Broaddus, Pathwork Graduates

Saturday – Sunday May 16 – 17, 2020

Many times, in our relationships, we encounter unconscious beliefs that affect our connections. Knowing how to deal with these hidden agendas helps us increase our Positive connections.















              FAMILIES OF PAIN




3-Day Workshop May 29 – 31

North Andover, MA

LED BY Julia Jensen, Pathwork Helper and

Miriam Smith, Associate Pathwork Helper


TIME: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Not one of us grew up in a perfect family. We survived by developing defenses that we are still using. Unfortunately, these defenses cause havoc in our lives or keep us lonely. We need to learn to release the defense and live life free.

We will study Pathwork lectures and bring it into our lives using experiential exercises, ritual, sharing from our lives, and prayer along with breathing and movement. These methods can facilitate our work in releasing the defenses.

              workshop: $270 until May 15, $300 after

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GPS: Growing Through Pathwork Studies

Growing Through Pathwork Studies


A bimonthly, free, on-line lecture study event

Continue to deepen your understanding of the Pathwork lectures through this newest offering from our Helper Community


I found Pathwork while on a spiritual quest that began in 1989. I am a Pathwork Helper, a teacher in the Pathwork Transformation Program, and the Transformation Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork. I  work with individuals and groups who are seeking a spiritual approach to life.


Julia can do individual sessions in person, over the phone, or via internet.

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