How can I risk being real?

I want peace and connection with another person.

I want to love and be loved.

I want to connect more to Spirit.

I’ve tried using my defense systems and that

left me either attacked or abandoned.

My next decision was to give up on what I want and be alone.

At least then I’ll be safe from being hurt.

And even though I’m safe, it’s lonely.

What else can I do?

I guess I’ll try opening up and being real,

feeling what is inside me in the moment.

But the moment I open up, the moment I get real,

all the feelings from the past come roaring to the surface.

What can I do?

The Pathwork gives me a roadmap through the feelings into the Higher Self,

into more spiritual connection, into being the real me.

My life improves!

I have spiritual guidance that is present,

that let’s me know my next steps.

I find I resist that guidance sometimes (ok, lots of times)

but when I feel it from inside me and do what I’m supposed to do,

my life is easier, happier, and more connected.

You can have that too.