What would it be like to lie and believe that all is well?

I don’t mean just say it because it seems like what I should say, but to really believe it.

Even in these days of Covid and social distancing, of wondering how I can stand it for one more day,

what if the world is needing to learn a lesson from all the events happening.


To believe there is a purpose in the world events gives me hope.

We are not flung out to chance

but carry the ability to make positive change.

We must consider others as we go through our days.


I had some objections to the Golden Rule from the Bible

when I see other not remembering to give to themselves.

Each of us matters in this world.

Each of us is worth caring about.

And as we learn our value, we have more to give others and the world.

Sometimes the best we can do is pray for someone,

some group,

some country to heal from the years of

neglecting and focusing on punishing.

Where is forgiveness? Are we forgivable?