Headlines from the news: 


  •  75 people shot in Chicago this past weekend 

  • Hurricane Florence–Category 5, heading toward US

I must prepare!!



Physically: I look outside my window to see the sun shining and the temperature down to manageable. How could a hurricane be coming my way? We live in the woods which makes the possibility of no electricity an issue. Fortunately, we have generators and have learned, over the years to live through hurricanes and tornadoes coming through.

Emotionally, I can feel something new bubbling up to the surface. It’s not there yet, but I need to prepare myself for emotions. What could the emotions be? Will I need to wallow for a while? Or will I be ready and willing to feel whatever is there and then let it go?

Mentally, I need to stop trying to figure it all out—something I take great pleasure in doing. I’m almost always wrong but sometimes still get caught up in it. There’s something about what the Pathwork calls negative pleasure—a phenomenon that does not necessarily feel good but gets my juices stirring. There’s a place in me that likes that sometimes…

Spiritually, I am continuously wanting to open up to the spiritual realm, to more and deeper connection with those positive and benevolent beings who are out there ready to give me assistance. All I need to do is ask…open myself to their presence and receive from the universe. This is the place of connection with all, a place where I are one with the universe. It deepens my understanding and my love for all beings.

This I know: the world is safe.

I am no longer attracted to danger.

I recognize how danger and negativity feel and remove myself from it.

How does that work for you?