I’m thinking ahead about the upcoming Community Event at our Pathwork Center here in Virginia. It’s coming up at the end of this month and will be an awesome way for someone new to get a taste of some of the many types of activities we do under the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork umbrella. I’ll be leading a one-day event with another leader called “Coming Home”. What might this title mean to you? I remember years ago when I dropped deeply into the space of separation from God. I realize that this space can be different from one person to the next. It can be dark, hot, icy cold, dry, wet, zigzagging through space at lightning speed. But for me it was a place of darkness and emptiness. I felt so alone. When I could tune in, I realized that there was a light in the distance and I could choose to move closer to it. As I drew nearer, I was astonished to see many candlelike lights. I realized that I was really not alone at all. It was ME who had chosen separation. And I could change simply by moving toward the light. Later that same day I could feel a longing to go home. And then I realized that I am home here deep inside myself. I’m wanting you to find that place inside you.