Do we recognize a Miracle when we see it?

Is there a Burning Bush?

I was recently at our Sevenoaks Retreat Center, Home of the Pathwork, leading a personal quest called an intensive. With each intensive that I have led, I come away feeling like I have witnessed miracles unfolding right in front of me. It breaks open my heart and touches my soul.


Because each person’s journey is individualized and personal, each intensive is completely different with those same miracles can blossom. Spirit has a way of entering the space and opening us to the energy of healing. When we are willing to go to the deepest, darkest part of us, we make tremendous progress on our spiritual journey.


It is mind blowing to me!

I feel so in awe and blessed as I watch it unfold.


Over the years I’ve led quite a few four or five day retreats where I have had the honor to facilitate the beginning steps to transforming a piece that is ready to be transformed. Certainly the person must continue their own spiritual journey afterwards, but they have the possibility to change something in their lives that has been troubling them, holding them back from rmanifesting the kind of life they want.

Looking at myself, I am led to questions about my own spiritual journey.


  • Am I willing to change?
  • Am I taking the steps I need to step more into the light?
  • What holds me back?
The emotion of fear keeps me stuck in the same old rut.
It fuels my negative reactions to life and enables me to continue to stay where I am.


More questions than answers arise

  • How do I know I am doing what I am meant to do?
  • How do I recognize my spiritual journey?
  • Are there miracles that happen in my life?
  • Can I slow down enough to see them?

I want to.

How do you cope with these questions?