Lately, I’ve been thinking and questioning myself about

my spiritual journey.

Am I so caught up in the day to day of life that I “forget” that I’m a

spiritual being here in a physical body?

Am I tempted to “give up” the journey? 

Do I feel all alone on the planet?


Yes, to all these questions sometimes. Yet, deep inside I have a place of knowing, a place where I can connect to a deeper part of myself and to my spiritual essence.

That seems like such a lofty phrase—“spiritual essence”.

And what does it mean, anyway?


It’s the part of myself where I know that I am more than just a human being here on earth, a place that knows what I need to do even when the ego part of me disagrees.

I’ve been taking the last few months to reconnect within and to recommit myself to my spiritual journey, to healing what needs healing in me, and to opening more to love.

My need is to give love, to be willing to walk beside another person as they walk down their spiritual path. I’ve come to know my spiritual name as She Who Walks Beside.

That walking beside gives me pleasure—especially when the other being is dedicated to opening their spirituality.

I see so much pain and suffering in this world we live in, so much heartache…even in the traditions of our families, in our inheritance.

A part of me cries out why!!


Why must there be so much hurting of one another? It happens between different parts of the planet; it happens between different factions within one area and another; it happens within families; and it happens within each of us. We are at war to try to stop the pain.

Yet it doesn’t help—I mean even a little bit!!

Is there something else? Something that will help?


I believe that a spiritual journey will assist in healing these deep, deep wounds. It is my spiritual task to spread hope.

There is a way out! Our deep wounding must be addressed in a healthy way.

Join me in stepping out of the ego level, out of the reasoning and thinking, and into this quest to heal.