Peace is a possibility right now!!

After having our holiday gathering in December rescheduled because of snow, we turned it into a Valentine’s event. We gathered here to work with connecting our hearts to each other by risking uncovering the spiritual part of us and showing it to others. Here we are before the fire as we shared our hearts…

I’m also passionate about watching the Olympics. It stirs a place in me that loves my country even as I disagree with many ideas that are present now. When I see that podium with a USA person on top and the National Anthem is played, my heart swells.

It all is coming together as a wondering about this Pathwork and why we feel so strongly about it as an avenue to heal our hearts, why we are so passionate about the work we do. I see how much violence and discord exists in our world—the horrible oppression of women, the shootings in schools, the hunger and inability to provide basic needs for the children, the addiction that abounds, the sexual abuse and much more. What can I do? How can I help?

The answer that comes to me is to hold this belief that Peace Is Possible!!! It is possible for us to heal and live together in our dissimilar ways without resorting to violence and oppression, to hurting another to make us feel better, to putting someone else under our control to feel safe. I feel stirred as I write this to hear about yet another shooting, about yet another example of animal abuse. How can we be a God-fearing country and still participate in such terrible things?

I guess the first step for me is to stop passing on by, ignoring another’s pain. It is a way for me to not cover my light, a way for me to send out love into the world. Would you join me?