When is it REAL??

I’ve heard so much about this topic that I wonder when the work is real.


I seem to be coming up with more questions than answers…


I’ve recently been diving into working with Shamanism. To me it means diving deeply into the spiritual dimension of healing while being guided to examine my issues, one at a time. As I continue to make contact, I find myself trusting my spirit guides, allowing them to decide the next steps on my spiritual journey.


It is when I am using that spiritual journey to prevent or avoid looking at the flaws in my character, in looking at where I am imperfect.


As long as I am here on Earth in a human body, I will continue to have flaws.

However, I AM NOT MY FLAWS!!



I am sure that we all are pure energy, divine light that has come to this plane of existence to heal some part of us that has gotten smudged along the way. We have journeyed here into this life to bring out that smudge so that we can clear it up, shine up that area of our being that prevents letting the light in us shine as brightly as it could.



One way to access the “smudge” is to work in the arena of shamanism along with Pathwork as a spiritual path toward a more enlightened living. In this area we can go on a spiritual journey into the depths and heights of the being we are on the inside.

Are you ready?

Can you feel the beat of the drums?



Close your eyes and start on a journey into the depths of your being. Feel yourself being drawn to a spiritual helper, a guide who can assist you along the way.

Who could it be?

Perhaps you connect with an animal or a bird; perhaps you are drawn to a majestic mountain top or to a blade of grass; or the guide awaiting you could be an element like water to carry you to the destination for this learning. Let yourself be carried along…


Notice everything you can along the way. Are there boulders or obstacles? Do meet anyone as you continue on this journey?

Write down what your experience was like, paying particular attention to the feeling, the energy that is present as you progress.

Let me know about your journey.