Spring is here!! The Sun Is Shining!

By the time spring shows up with

its glorious colors I’m so used to

the dreary, starkness of winter

that I seem to have forgotten

how much the yellows and

pinks of spring stand out.

My eyes are feasting

and anticipating even more to come!

I’m wondering what renewal is going on

inside of me??

It’s a time to begin to focus outward again after spending the winter months going within while outside is darkness and cold.

I feel myself breathing deeply of

the fresh warm air and rejoicing in spring!

We have a cooper’s hawk couple that returns to the woods in our neighborhood each year. We can see the parents circling each morning and then returning to their nest to feed the babies nestled there.

There’s a red-headed woodpecker that rat-a-tats nearby. And we have a breeze blowing—even the rain coming down washes the pollen out of the air for us to enjoy.

This is the time for us

to feel the blessings of rebirth of life in

the outer world and of opening our

hearts to the wonders of

the world around us.

Can you feel the sap rising?

Can you feel spirit all around us?