And peace be with us…

After spending many years trying to heal my woundedness, I begin to wander anew into the realm of surrendering to God’s will. What does that mean to me? Am I ready to take another step, dropping through the trapdoor in the floor that I thought was solid and down into another layer? (And why isn’t it up through the attic? But my connection always seems to be down into the earth, so this really does make sense.) What steps will be necessary for me to tune into the Will of God for me? I approach this new level with trepidation, with a knowing that it will mean a shift in my perspective that may not be comfortable or pleasant.

As I say YES to taking this new step, I feel a renewed anticipatory joy. I sink into the knowing—knowing that there is a vast oneness that is waiting for me, that place where all the disjointed pieces for me personally and for the world at large will fit together.

We are in turbulent times politically, and yet, there is the knowing that all is well. On the human level I may not agree with others, but at this new level, I trust the universe’s sense of timing and know that peace inside.