How does the Universe respond?


I was driving (or slipping and sliding) trying to get home from the last Pathwork Transformation Program weekend,

going right into the first snowstorm of the year!


After being forced to stop for a red stoplight halfway up a long uphill climb,

no matter what I did, I wasn’t moving!

(That reminds me of the way this Pathwork process works–sometimes we stop and can’t move out of our resistance) 

I could feel myself approaching panic.

Instead I began to pray–aloud right then and there.

After only a couple of minutes, a good Samaritan stopped

(in his pickup truck with 4-wheel drive),

got out and pushed me far enough to get into the entrance to Walmart and safety!




It has me thinking about prayer.

                           These days my prayers are asking for guidance

about God’s plan for me today or

                                                                about how to help a Pathwork Worker

during a session or in a group.


Even though I’ve know this for awhile,

I’m struck with the power of prayer and

how responsive the universe was to me

at that moment of need.


I still had more of a trek to get to a hotel and a room for the night

but I was no longer in danger and very grateful

to the Good Samaratan and to the Universe for bring him to me.


What if the universe always brings us what we need?
What if we only need to ask?
Something about that asking part seems so very hard.
It puts us in the position of vulnerability because the other can
  • say no,
  • not be there for us,
  • reinforce childhood beliefs about not mattering.
We may even receive the help disguised as something else and we don’t recognize it!

Let me hear how that works for you…