Cruelty to Others is Cruelty to Me


The Pathwork teachings have been such an inspiration, a guide, and a new way of viewing the events of the world. The Mid-Atlantic Pathwork Helpers had a retreat last week that brought some of those teachings into the forefront of my conscious awareness. As I go into the season of gratitude, I’m so grateful that I found the Pathwork. It has changed my life for the better.


Since there is always more to learn about what lives within the depths of the being, the Pathwork guide instructs us with the knowledge and wisdom that we are never finished diving deeply inside. As I continue into spiritual realm, I settle into a profound sense of trust that all is well, that all is perfectly aligned with my/our development as individuals, as a country, as the human race, and even as a planet.


How will we interact with others from this deeper dimension? Can we stay connected to Spirit and interact with others? I say yes. We will not ever be perfect but staying conscious will make more meaningful relationships available to us. That’s one of the goals I have in life.


And now it’s time for me to take a deeper dive where I step back even more into spirit to feel how we are all One. The plants and animals are One with us. We must stop abusing other beings.  I can hardly bear to feel the pain that is alive in our world…

*the violence that is around us constantly,

*the danger to our children,

*the slaughter of animals in the most cruel ways just for pleasure,

*the way we raise animals inhumanely for food,

*the way we are unconscious about the plants that we grow, about the trees that give us shade, shelter, wood


Perhaps we could take this time of thanksgiving to pray that we give up our need for cruelty.


If we are all One, then the cruelty we allow to be in this world is also cruelty to us. What if every act reverberates back to us? What if the cruelty that exists on the other side of the planet will find its way to us?

I want to hold all with love and compassion. That is my positive intention.