Many people these days are dealing with depression

          Or is it sadness?

                                                                     Perhaps we are feeling grief?

Or maybe depression and/or sadness is really

covering a different emotion.

In any case, how do we deal with it?

How do we continue to function when the heart feels like it could break at any moment and life as we know it will never be the same?

I think back to the past and wonder about surviving without electronics, refrigeration, or communication. They believed that wearing those masks with the long, pointed noses would protect them from the plague.  We know now that it was fleas on rats from ships that brought it in. Back then they didn’t know the science about what happened.

What do we still not know?

How much about life is still a mystery?

How did those Chinese bats get this virus anyway?

In observation, this virus has united the globe.

Everyone is trying to stay safe. Or resisting.

Or being what the Pathwork Guide calls a Law-breaker or Law-upholder.

 The issue of anxiety has been with us long before Covid arrived.


Many of us need medication to function.


Many wake up each morning to anxiety.


I believe that anxiety began for us when we were so little that our reasoning skills had not developed yet.

We were angry about what was happening to us but couldn’t express it.


Perhaps we knew it would be dangerous to express.

So we did the only thing possible; we turned it on ourselves.


And we still carry that anger inside, buried deep, until we can go back to feel and express in a safe way that doesn’t hurt us or others.

Let’s all do our work on this topic and stop blaming others or committing violence toward others.

Let me know what you think about this idea…