Can you hear me now? Catch phrases…

Are we being brainwashed by media bombardment? I keep seeing commercial ads for all sorts of things: Medications… Are we being overloaded with the idea that we must take a pill for each ailment? Or drive a car superfast to be a part of the jet set? Are we buying into the beliefs that are constantly being forced on us–like sex is the way to get what we want, a way to sell something? To be accepted we must have the latest electronic device so that we can bury our heads in the internet and not look at what is all around us! We must be in constant and instant communication with each other. We must have an instant fix on everything!!

What would happen if we were suddenly put back in time where we had to talk to each other? Where we didn’t have central air conditioning so had to go outside in the evenings just to cool off? When we got to know our neighbors because they were out doing the same thing? We talked over the fence in the back yard. We could send our children outside to play without worrying about them being hurt or kidnapped…

Now, I have to admit that I love my electronic devices, love being able to stay in touch more easily. What I don’t like is this idea of being brainwashed into believing what someone else is trying to sell me. I believe that the person wants to make money. That idea doesn’t sit well with me. I want to be able to make up my own mind about things. One of my biggest resistances is to someone trying to tell me what to do. It sparks an immediate pushback from me. I want to say NO just because someone says I should.

I have to laugh about that to myself. I believe we all have resistances. What is yours?

Here are some others that I have observed in people:

  • Some folks are into the gimme gimme…(and never satisfied no matter how much they receive)

  • How about those who refuse to be vulnerable…(someone will hurt me if I’m not strong and aggressive)

  • There are those who always want to be the boss (I can relate to this one, too)

  • Some folks treat every new situation as something terrifying…(the world is not safe)

  • I should be able to reason my way through everything…(being a mathematician, I can identify)

  • Now we are supposed to take a pill to make it all better—fight depression, calm anxiety, lose weight, be strong, calm our nerves…buy something to feel better…

There must be a better way!!!

I’ve found the Pathwork that helps with all the above. It is not a quick fix, but is a lasting change. I work on myself, change back into who I used to be before my life experiences interfered; trauma caused me to decide how the world works from an age too young to be able to see with maturity, and mysteriously, the world around me begins to shift for the better. It is truly remarkable. It takes time for me to trust you with my feelings. It takes time for me to trust me with my feelings. It takes time for me to find out what I really believe deep down inside. It takes time to bring to the surface of my awareness all the memories, feelings, and false conclusions I reached based on the immature reasoning ability of a child. It takes time for me to then let go of the past—it means grieving what I didn’t receive and opening to some new experiences.

OK, where do I even go to work on it? How do I let go? I can say the words but what makes it really happen? What grieving?

The Pathwork Transformation Program is a place to work all these issues out in a safe and loving environment. You will make the journey with the same group of people who are also doing the work and with trained and experienced leaders. It makes such a difference to be held in community with others who are working just as hard as you are, who want the healing just as much, and who see how important it is to develop a deep relationship with the most spiritual and real part of yourself.

I’d love to hear what you think around this issue. Let’s talk about it. Send me your comments.