As a result of Hurricane Michael’s passage through the Richmond, Virginia area many were without power

many tornadoes wreaked havoc

                                                                                                within a few miles of our house.


Being without power set up a negative reaction in me
                                                                                       of disappointment and
                                                                                                                        the desire to pout
about the inconvenience even though we were well prepared and safe.


We’ve learned what is needed after living in the woods for twenty plus year, what it means to have a well that requires electricity for bathroom flushing.  
Our electricity returned two days later so that we were able to leave for a week’s vacation only a day later than planned. Off we headed to Myrtle Beach where we enjoyed ourselves and got the rest that was needed, basked in the sun, soaked up Vitamins in the warmth. The hurricanes had swept away much of the salt in the air, the sun was out, the temp was perfect…

Then on the drive home (a different way from how we arrived) we began to see

the devastation that people had experienced from these storms.


  • Whole houses gutted,
  • crops blown flat,
  • furniture and appliances, insulation and carpeting pilled out at the street for removal…
  • empty chicken houses

It was a lesson in humility for me

  • seeing mile after mile of the after affects of the storm while
  • feeling for those who were caught in the water,
  • or those animals trapped,
  • for the ruined livelihood of the farmers…                                                                                                                                                                                 What is Mother Earth trying to tell us?

  • How do we cope?

  • How can we help? HOW CAN WE HELP???

Must we continue to be a nation that is insensitive to the suffering of others?
While driving the car in front of us ran over a dog who had ran out in the road. They just drove off… that poor dog dying in the road…
I’m also aware of what is happening in the outer Boston area with the gas explosions—more of the same of having lives shaken to the core with cold weather coming…I pray for those people, as well.

We need to WAKE UP! I’m calling you to WAKE UP MORE!

Let me hear from you.