How Does It Rule Our Lives?

I’ve been observing how much fear is in this world we live in. It can consume us; it can remove all pleasure. What is this powerful force about? How do we cope in the face of fear?

The Pathwork works with this negative energy current that runs through so many of us and teaches us how to overcome, how to function in the face of fear.

Facing the fear is one step…we need to step into the fear with the divine current of courage. Perhaps we need another person to hold our hand as we step through fear into the other side.

Have you ever faced something with hands shaking and knees quaking (did I just make a rhyme?)? Did you keep on going even though you were afraid? What gave you the courage? I remember how many times I changed schools in my past. We moved and moved and moved—sometimes to another state,  sometimes just across town, but the norm was to move to a different location. You may have heard about taking the geographic cure? It never worked for my family because we always took us along with us! So the root of the problems were still there.

I see long time relationships that my kids  have now, as adults, that have lasted since they were very young. I’m so happy that they have that and wish I could have had it, too. I learned some deep lessons, though. How to find my way around in a new place, how to be self-sufficient, how to get along on my own. Yet, I remember the self-consciousness, and the loneliness; the uncertainty and the lack of history between me and others. I learned to let go of relationships quickly and to wall myself off from being very close, from leaning on others. I assumed that we’d be leaving soon and we always did…

Now I have to remember that I am part of a community where there is actually support for each other, where we deeply care what happens to each other. The Pathwork community here is alive and strong. I still remember the evening when I returned home after my husband had his surgery a few years ago. There were extreme complications; we didn’t know if he would survive or if his brain would be intact. I sat down at my computer and sent out an email to my Pathwork group saying only that I was in trouble and would they pray for me.

Some must have been at their computers right then because I quickly could feel people’s prayers coming to me; I could feel them scooping me up and holding me. It was a momentous moment for me. As the days passed and my husband returned to us, I would get a gentle message via phone or email that they were still there and still holding us both.

This is such a gift—to be a part of a whole, to be a part of a community that is global. It’s almost more than I can comprehend.

We are such a diverse group. We each have different ways to approach our work. Some work through the consciousness, some work through the body, some work with nature, some work with spirit. But the Pathwork is the glue that binds us all. We have this body of work that is amazing still. It was given to us ending in the late 1970’s but is still giving us a way of life. I’m so grateful.

And one of the particular ways of being that we humans hold is a way to walk through fear. Fear is described to us as a defense that we learned as young children (or we were born with it) as a way to explain the unexplainable world around us. We try to cover up the fear in numerous ways but it stays  with us. And the Pathwork gives us a map to make our way out of fear and into a world that is safe.

How does fear affect your life?