If I understand What I’m doing, Will It Heal Me?

I’ve been considering more about how we heal and my belief that our issues lie in our cells.

If that is the case, then I have to do something to find out what is locked in the cells of my body. And I can’t “figure out” how to access those issues by using my brain, by reading material, or by understanding what’s happening. We each have what is called a Lower Self (our shadow side) that is dedicated to thwarting our efforts to gain access to those same issues locked in the cells of our body.

Whew! I am going to need help with this problem. Furthermore, (I love using that word—doesn’t it sound pompous?) I can understand now that I’m trying really hard to prevent myself from healing at the same time that I’m wanting to heal myself.

It’s like I’m pushing and pulling at the same time and trying to “figure out” what to do about it. Or I’m trying to find someone else to blame. Or I’m trying to submit to being a victim to circumstances beyond my control.

I’ve learned over and over that I get virtually nowhere trying to control that push/pull. Controlling only hides one side of the “storm” while trying to control the other and wondering why nothing changes. I can “understand” forever without making progress.

 “Ok. Ok. I get it already…this is what doesn’t work…what does work?” The answer seems obvious—get in touch with the parts that I have hidden from myself.

“Wow! How do I get in touch with something that I’m unconscious of?”

It is not an easy task. One way to help is to meditate regularly, asking for help from the spiritual realm.

Another way is to find your way to a Pathwork group. It is in working in a group on a regular basis that your unconscious will come to the surface.

Being in a relationship and looking at each issue that arises between you and another will also bring your issues to the surface. But, you still may not be able to see them ourselves. You still will need someone to gently lead you through your part.

It is through risking showing what is deeply hidden from others that you can access the issues in a loving environment. Now, a loving environment doesn’t mean all is going to be love and light every minute.

Why would I want to be in some group that is bringing to the surface the shadow in me?

For sure you can only have a choice in what you do when you can see and feel what is really happening. In having a choice you can then choose what serves you best.

“After I have a choice, all will be well?”

Unfortunately, no. That side of you that is hidden actually likes the energy of the negative. Yhe Pathwork calls it negative pleasure. Negative pleasure may not feel “good” or “pleasant,” yet is a way to get our energy moving; it is a time when we feel more alive. It has an intensity to it that we like. To heal we have to “understand” that we can keep the intensity without attaching a negative way of dealing with the world around us.

 “Where can I find one of these groups?

Look for a Pathwork Transformation Program. If there is none in your area, you can travel to the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork region. See the flyer in my calendar of events for the non-residential Pathwork Transformation Program that will begin in October of 2017.

“What is this Pathwork Transformation Program?”

This program is an on-going group where those who are quite serious about their healing, come together to work on their unconscious issues, those very same issues that are locked in the cells of the body. It is a safe, loving environment where you can heal.


You will learn by reading, discussing, and experiencing the Pathwork lectures, by moving the body to access those cells, by using prayer and meditation, by participating in group ritual, and by getting individual time to work on your issues.

I would love to hear how you are doing as you dive deeply into what is unconscious in you.