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Who’s Driving The Bus?

Who’s Driving The Bus?


If the bus represents you as you navigate your way through life, which part of you is driving?


For most of us the ego takes over during that part of life where we are developing a career and/or raising a family. And we need a strong ego to travel along our spiritual path.


However, the ego is not equipped to hear inspiration, to connect deeply with spirit, or to enhance a knowing about the steps we need to take to heal our wounding. Perhaps, the ego and the Divine Inner Self need a partnership. The ego is well equipped to follow directions, (Turn right in half a mile) or to ignore the directions. The ego is good at judging, prioritizing, debugging, making lists and many, many daily tasks. The ideas, however, must come from a different place, from that place inside where new ideas formulate.


Have you ever watched an inventor or a scientist or a mathematician solve a problem?


I recently watched the movie “Hidden Figures” about the black women mathematicians at NASA solving problems. The main character would stand there and look at the problem for a while and then suddenly she knew what to do. Now I know Hollywood souped up and speeded up the whole process, but I remember being in college and working on a mathematics problem. (Yes, I was a math major) It would rattle around in me for hours and sometimes for days. I would do something else while that inner place would continue to work. Then later, out would pop the solution.


Looking back now I can see my ego getting up from the driver’s seat and allowing my inner being into the drivers seat for a while. That inner part of me wasn’t that good at driving, so the ego had to stay around in case the deep inner knowing place’s attention would wander off.


Later in life I learned to connect with my inner self so that new guidance could come in. Was it me; was it from the spirit world, does it even matter? No matter where the guidance is coming from, I trust it as a positive force after being shown the positive result of following that guidance over and over.


I didn’t always allow the ego to take new directions. I fought and argued and even flat out said NO. Yet, there continued to be a gentle, kind, loving urge. It has never let me down.

Not even once.

After I surrender to it, let go of fighting it, my ego gets a new set of directions, perhaps even a new destination and can take over the details of the driving. That’s what the ego is good at.

Who is driving your bus? Where are the different parts of you sitting? What do you see when you look out the window? Even what kind of bus are you driving?


The Pathwork process would ask you to look at a few additional questions: 

What’s behind any part of you that doesn’t want the ego to let go of control? I could be fear that showing your emotions would be a great risk, even great peril. Or perhaps you believe that there isn’t that deep spiritual place that can give you guidance, or maybe your ego is mad about having to give up control — does it like being top dog? 

The second question to ask yourself is — how long has this been going on in me? Is it relatively new? More likely you have been doing this behavior for years, perhaps since you were young. Can you trace it back to the beginning? Maybe you don’t even have a memory to go with the certainty that this age was where it began. You were probably very young, perhaps even preverbal. In that case it’s no surprise that you don’t have strong memories. But ask yourself what was going on in your life at this time.

The last question ponder is — are there any consequences to continuing to be in control? Are others drawn to you as you withhold your feelings? And is that ok with you? Or are you lonely and isolated without enough interaction with others. 

If you want to change, it requires you to do something different, to find out who could be safe for you to share how you are really feeling — and not just reporting about your feelings but sharing them. That is one avenue that you can make to allow spirit to give directions so that your life makes a positive change.

I’d love to work with you in making this change.

How Do You Heal?

How Do You Heal?


Do You Heal With Energy or Consciousness?


   I’ve been thinking recently (see the smoke coming out of my ears?) about Pathwork Guide Lecture 119: Movement, Consciousness, Experience: Pleasure, The Essence of Life. That’s quite a mouthful of a title, isn’t it? The part of the lecture I’m thinking about are the two ways we process our issues—with our consciousness and with the energy of our bodies (called movement in this lecture). I can see how each can be used as a defense and how each can be a part of our divine essence.
     Consciousness people learn and begin to experience healing via the mind. We think and sort, reason and categorize. I myself feel safe if I can understand what is going on. There is a place in me that feels secure when all the pieces connect, when they seem to fit together well. Perhaps it’s a result of the chaos I grew up in where I never knew what I would find when opened the front door at home. I could only count on there being something different and unexpected. I learned early to rely on myself for everything. So when all the puzzle pieces fit together, it feels good to me.
    Energy people learn and begin to experience healing via the body. There is movement within us that makes the world seem safe, and we find where we fit in that world. The energy moves us through life. I didn’t find my connection to energy until I had been working with Pathwork for a few years. I wanted to learn to open to the way energy moves everything, just like the scientists told us. It’s a way to bypass the thinking and go straight to the heart of the issue.
     In the United States (and probably in many other parts of the world) we tend to be thinkers and many have developed their reasoning abilities while the emotional and energetic parts of us have been neglected. How could we have done differently considering our history? We came from the Bible belt in the South or the Puritans in the North, Midwesterners were concentrating on growing crops and staying alive, and out West the cowboys were focused on keeping up with and rounding up the herds or trapping in the northwest. I could digress into a history lesson, but you know it as well as I do. We learned to obey and turn off the parts of us that we couldn’t see, the parts that were in touch with nature and the moving energy that is inside all beings including plants, animals, and the very Earth itself. The native peoples across the globe knew how to stay in tune with the Earth. Why did we get so scared of it?
     As I now tune into the energy moving through and around me, I am in touch with a knowing, a deep intelligence that is in Mother Earth. I feel my responsibility to tend to the property where I live, to keep this little piece of land as sacred.
     How did I get off on that topic? I was feeling into the two ways we process our issues, through consciousness and through energy. I’ve found  techniques that move the energy through our bodies that can bypass all that thinking. It’s such a waste of time when we use thinking/reasoning/sorting as a defense. It doesn’t make us safe; it only makes us RIGHT! (As if to say: “Nobody can tell me I’m wrong…I have my proof all lined up!”)
     I’ve just returned from teaching in the third year of the Pathwork Transformation Program at our Sevenoaks Retreat Center. (Year 3 is about relationship) I’m amazed and in awe all over again at the absolute miracles that can occur when we surrender to the deepest self, the self that knows what is truth, the self that knows what is next for us, and the self that can risk going for what we want.
     And when I open to that energy, I find amazing healing that enters. Can you feel your potential? What a wonderful opportunity to expand! Come join me in an amazing journey into our own energies.


What’s in your unawareness?

What’s in your unawareness?


This week I’m getting ready to teach in the Pathwork Transformation Program. I’m reminded that we are all the same here in this human form. We are trying to heal ourselves from the traumas we may have suffered as a child, from the traumas that our ancestors experienced and brought into our DNA, and from the separation we experienced when we left the world of the divine. And how does one heal from trauma? Certainly, not by shoving it down below the surface of our awareness. In that case, we are then destined to act out from that place of unconsciousness.

What? Could it be that I am unconscious about the affect I am having on my fellow man? Could it be that I am being hurtful by the very behavior that feels like it is keeping me safe? And, yes. That is exactly what we are doing—hurting others.

Do we know about that deep down inside? Yes, we do. And we feel shame and guilt about it. But, of course, all that is pushed down deep inside where we are unaware of it. Instead, we focus on some other less intense guilt and shame—usually that of imperfection. We think, reason, figure out about how we or someone else has been imperfect.

Have you ever gotten mad at another driver while being on the road? Or how about when you have to wait in line to talk to someone on the phone? What is your reaction? Do you take this as an opportunity to pray or allow yourself to feel loving? If you are like me, you fume inwardly or try to distract yourself with your cell phone or a hundred other ways.

What if we used this as an opportunity to breathe deeply, to notice what might be going on underground in our unawareness? What if we used that time to set an intention to open to love and look around at others and smile? I’m going to try it today.

Community is divine

Community is divine

There is a certain sense of divinity that we feel when we are deeply connected to others. And that is just what happens within the Pathwork Community. I could feel the pleasure and the joy of sharing who we are deeply with another person. And it was evident when I drove onto the property of our beloved pathwork center here in mid-Virginia. It’s off the beaten track in a space that brings me peace, blessings, and joy. We recently had our community gathering that again reminds me what it means to be in community.

Taking Steps Toward Peace

Taking Steps Toward Peace

And peace be with us…

After spending many years trying to heal my woundedness, I begin to wander anew into the realm of surrendering to God’s will. What does that mean to me? Am I ready to take another step, dropping through the trapdoor in the floor that I thought was solid and down into another layer? (And why isn’t it up through the attic? But my connection always seems to be down into the earth, so this really does make sense.) What steps will be necessary for me to tune into the Will of God for me? I approach this new level with trepidation, with a knowing that it will mean a shift in my perspective that may not be comfortable or pleasant.

As I say YES to taking this new step, I feel a renewed anticipatory joy. I sink into the knowing—knowing that there is a vast oneness that is waiting for me, that place where all the disjointed pieces for me personally and for the world at large will fit together.

We are in turbulent times politically, and yet, there is the knowing that all is well. On the human level I may not agree with others, but at this new level, I trust the universe’s sense of timing and know that peace inside.

Coming Home

Coming Home


I’m thinking ahead about the upcoming Community Event at our Pathwork Center here in Virginia. It’s coming up at the end of this month and will be an awesome way for someone new to get a taste of some of the many types of activities we do under the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork umbrella. I’ll be leading a one-day event with another leader called “Coming Home”. What might this title mean to you? I remember years ago when I dropped deeply into the space of separation from God. I realize that this space can be different from one person to the next. It can be dark, hot, icy cold, dry, wet, zigzagging through space at lightning speed. But for me it was a place of darkness and emptiness. I felt so alone. When I could tune in, I realized that there was a light in the distance and I could choose to move closer to it. As I drew nearer, I was astonished to see many candlelike lights. I realized that I was really not alone at all. It was ME who had chosen separation. And I could change simply by moving toward the light. Later that same day I could feel a longing to go home. And then I realized that I am home here deep inside myself. I’m wanting you to find that place inside you.




Calendar of Events



Giving And Receiving: An Act of Love

Saturday, December 9th / 5:30 – 9:00pm 

Julia Jensen’s home in Mechanicsville

Directions given with RSVP


While it is important to give of our time and money to others as we are able, the greatest gift we have to offer is our authentic selves. When we relate to others with an open heart, we experience no separation between giving and receiving, and see ourselves reflected in the other.

You are warmly invited to join Julia Jensen and Beth Hedquist for our annual Pathwork celebration of the Holiday Season. Whatever your faith journey, let us join together in community to activate our intention to embody the Love and Light we are called to bring to this world.

We will begin with a potluck dinner at 5:30PM, followed by a Pathwork program beginning at 7:00PM. Please wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes as time will be spent outdoors.

This is a free event; it is our gift to you in gratitude for all we have received from living the Pathwork principles.

RSVP to Julia: 804-781-0660 or 


 Stepping Into Forgiveness


Toward Oneness


An On-Line Interactive Series


 Bimonthly, Mondays

January 8 – March 19

7:00PM – 9:00PM EST

Led by Julia Jensen, Pathwork Helper

                 and Miriam Smith, Helper Trainee


Do you carry guilt? Imperfection? Do you desire forgiveness?

We each carry the burden of how we have hurt another through imperfection or intent. Must we forever continue to pay the price or can we evolve into joy?
The Pathwork gives us a way to move through the self-blame and the remorse so that we may be forgiven for our part in the creation of negativity. There is hope for inner peace.
Join us as we take steps to walk in love and light lecture study, experiential exercises, movement, prayer, and deep sharing that occurs as we build trust in others.

Cost: $20 each evening

After the first week, this is a committed group.

To register call Julia at 804-781-0660 or email



A Spiritual Experience

A Pathwork Weekly Group

Tuesdays, January 9 – March 27

                                           7:00PM – 9:30PM

                                           Mechanicsville, VA

                                         Led by Julia Jensen, Pathwork Helper


Life as a spiritual experience, arises mostly intensely in relationship. Interacting with another brings out your greatness and your weakness, your joy and your misery. 
It is one of the most rewarding and most challenging avenues toward change. The Pathwork facilitates profound change in the depth of your being which is then reflected in experience of the world. 
Join us as we step more into love and light through meditation, prayer, lecture study, experiential exercises, and deep sharing as trust deepens. 
Cost: $25  per week
This is a committed group after week 1

To register call Julia at 804-781-0660 or email

Surrender To God Within

A Pathwork Group for Experienced Pathworkers

Saturday, January 24, 2018

10AM – 5PM

Mechanicsville, VA

Prerequisite: at least 3 years experience

in the Pathwork Transformation Program



Eventually a person is ready for an entirely new way of working, is ready to cross the threshold into the work of the soul. It requires a shift in perspective into the spiritual domain. In making this shift, that person must approach the concept of surrendering to that spiritual self.

We must align our cells with a shift into harmony with the Divine. This shift supports and encourages us to move into unity with all. 

And the result is a live filled with love.

Join Julia in this exciting adventure within. We may use Pathwork lectures, meditation and prayer, movement and ritual. Bring a journal and lunch and wear comfortable clothes that allow movement.

Cost: $75

To register call Julia at 804-781-0660 or email



Allow Guidance to Flow Within

January 27, 10AM – 5PM

Chapel Hill, NC

Led by Julia Jensen, Pathwork Helper


We each carry a past filled with our experiences and challenges. In our daily lives we carry the burden of these experiences and challenges–we wish we had behaved differently or were more present. We deserve to release those burdens and step into a life of abundance and joy, living each day while checking into guidance.

Join Julia in opening to a life that encourages potential, as if the universe wants to bring us happiness. Please bring lunch, a journal, and wear comfortable clothes that allow movement.

Cost: $75

To register call Julia at 804-781-0660 or email

The second in the series: February 3-4, 2018

Mechanicsville, VA

10AM – 5PM each day

Led by Julia Jensen, Pathwork Helper and Don Harvey, Associate Helper and Shaman Practitioner

Both the Pathwork and Shamanism are spiritual journeys that encourage one to dive into the deepest place within. It’s is a place where we may find our untruths, a place where we may feel the shadow part of us hiding out until it can cause hurt, a place where we may find spiritual support for ourselves and others. As we join the two paths, we may find new and renewed ways to connect our own spiritual path. We may use ritual, Pathwork lectures, individual process, meditation, and movement to enhance the experience.

Please bring lunch and a dish to share for dinner, a journal, and wear comfortable clothes that will allow movement.


Cost: $175

To register call Julia at 804-781-0660 or email